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2-24-2001 | So...It's Finally Here.... | Kumai

What's finally here u ask??? Our Anime Gallery!!! It has a total of 104 anime images. Including some of my magazine scans. Anywayz, hope u enjoy it! :) Next, we will have more winamp skins made, more desktops, and soon to come. Our movie screen caps will be up as soon as i get some other things done. :)

2-24-2001 | WHOA! | Kumai

Whoa, i guess this layout me and litacza and i've been working on has paid off. Anywayz, as u can see, the affiliates section is a lil bit different. We have almost all of the sakura cards downloaded. And we have our anime gallery now. We just need to upload all of the images and shtuff, likely to be tommorrow. :) so expect our anime gallery of 104 images up either by tommorrow or sometime during next week.

2-21-2001 | Sakura Cards | Kumai

I have given litacza my sakura cards so she can scan them. I assure u though, these are not the same cards from " Mishiru's Sakura Card Quest" for Litacza has scanned them and i assure u, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME AS MISHIRU'S SAKURA CARD QUEST! Okay, because i would never steal anything from my dear affiliates without asking.

2-21-2001 | Buttons!!! | Litacza

Yup, dat's right peoplez. I have made more buttons fo ya'll to link to us, yup yup. Welps, visit the link to us page to see our buttons. Peace out ya'll.

2-20-2001 | OMG! | Litacza

OH MAH GOD!!!! YAY!!!!! The blinding pink light is gone! Finally!!! I'm happy u decided to use the layout i made for you Kumai!!! Chow! ^.~

2-20-2001 | New Layout??? | Kumai

Finally!!! A new layout, that's right! Some of u have complained about the blinding pink, so i changed it to blue!!! :) Well, yeah. We will be hosted soon!!! (i hope)

  News Ticker
News Ticker

Hi allz!!! We have gotten a domain and it's the future home of lovely sakura. We will not tell u yet what our domain is, so wait! :)
- Kumai  

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